Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orphanage Visit, Good Buys and Convocation

It has been almost five years since I last visited the Orphanage in Convent. Note: There is no children there because the orphans there have grown up and it is more like an Old Folks Home now.

On Monday, a church friend planned a visit there and my sister and I went, together with Ben and Melanie to sing some Christmas carols for them. I think the old folks made me happy more than me making them happy.

See how pretty the decoration was!

One who is lost in time will still know it's Christmas looking at the snowman!

The fruit cake with a snowman standing on it. Let it snow!

The presents that were prepared for the folks. Each box contained a cute crystal bracelet. They love their gifts very much. :)

More snowmen hanging from the gift basket.

Our gifts. Candy canes and sweets! There was a tiny bell inside the box too.

After spending time with the folks for a couple of hours, it was time to say goodbye. I miss Sister Michael the most.

Christmas is nearing and my sister and I went on a pressie hunting spree and I found presents for myself too. Eunice volunteered to give them to me. :) Free books! Who doesn't want?

These two books are the best deal I got after the last Popular Fair, Written in Bone by Simon Beckett. Both are hard-covered books.

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult - RM14.99
For One More Day by Mitch Albom - RM9.90 (initial price was RM68.90!!)

If these are not good buys I don't know what good buys are anymore. So happy!!

Eunice graduated from Meow Meow course last year but the convocation was just yesterday.


As usual, my blog post is a jumble of events.

Next event: Youth Camp at El Sanctuary, Alor Gajah. I'll be in Malacca for almost a week.

Thank God for the choices of rooms that He has provided. Now it's time to choose the best one.

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SGRMSE. said...

i agree though (: old people are awesome. they're soooo funny! and hangin out with `em makes me happy. good on you for payin that visit and giving them gifts!