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Penang Trip (6-8 December 2010)

Time to blog about the Penang trip I had with college mates (only two of them, actually) and Miss Nurainie and her daughter. What can I say, it was indeed a very fun-filled trip with new knowledge found. I learnt how to get on the Rapid Penang to go around town now. At some points of this post, there will be no captions for the pictures because I feel they are self-explanatory.

I have counted, there is a total of 149 pictures in this entry.

DAY 1 (6.12.2010)

The first stop is at Autocity, Juru where we had our breakfast at Subway.

This is what I ordered. Monday Special - 6-inch long sandwich.

The ingredients within induced salivation even more.

The counter where the 'subways' are being made.

We then continued our journey to Batu Ferringhi but we ended up at a wrong turning into an unexpected place, The Botanic Gardens.

Since we were already there, we thought, why not get down and have a look-see of the gardens?

I was hoping to see some monkeys but there was none in sight. Where were they hiding?

I love the colours blended so harmoniously together in this photo!

The stream below the bridge. Still no monkeys in sight. Thought they could be swimming. On second thought, can they swim?

Cute pondoks for people to rest.

There was nothing much to see in The Botanic Gardens so we left after a short while. Batu Ferringhi, here we come!

As Ju Dee drove up the winding road, the scenery got more breath-taking than ever.

The aqua sea with some white clouds that resembled an island hovering above it.

We checked in at Baba Guest House and since we have no plans for the day, we decided to watch Social Network at Gurney Plaza.

The movie tickets there were so cheap. RM7 for 2D and only an additional of RM5 for 3D movies.

Shortly before the movie starts. I mean shortly before a series of advertisements usually aired on television are shown. I really felt like watching tv from home.

Social Network was interesting with some funny moments in it. For those of you who have yet to watch, you must be prepared to get your ears alerted because there is a lot of talking in the show and they talk FAST. Kinda educational at the same time.

It was already 5 something in the evening when the movie ended. So we stroll a little in the plaza and we saw this huge Samsung Wave model phone outside a shop. Ju Dee, as usual, went to her usual habit of posing with it.

We went outside Gurney Plaza and snapped more pictures while waiting for dinner time.

Totally candid shot by Ju Dee.

Miss and her daughter, Qarina

Stomachs were growling asking for food at this time. The next destination was just walking distance from Gurney Plaza - Gurney Drive

What we had:

Sotong kangkung. I don't know how it tasted like.

Century eggs

Penang fried koay teow



Fried food for supper

Apom that looked like mini pancakes


The Christmas tree at the entrance of the plaza

Christmas candies made by miss for Cecilia and Kahmen

DAY 2 (7.12.2010)

Woke up and the first scenery that welcomed us was this.

And this. Breezy, breezy morning.

Went to Ferringhi Inn & Cafe for our brunch.

Chicken rice which cost RM5. It was quite delicious, or it might be due the fact that I was hungry.

Milk tea - RM3

Enjoying my brunch

After breakfast, we decided to be a little more adventurous so we took the rapid Penang around town. The buses were so frequent they were like LRT on the road. The downside was of course, traffic could not be avoided.

The interior of the bus. It was cold inside but I love it.

RM1.40 from Ferringhi to the Toy Museum

First time in Rapid Penang so it's a must to capture the moment. Hahaha!!

We have reached our destination!

Group picture

I had no idea what this creature was.

Ninja Turtle!!!

The entrance fee is only RM10 for MyKad holders.

Chinese Barbie dolls

English Barbie dolls. The dresses they were wearing were so pretty!

The Lao Fu Zi lost in the Barbie world


Captain Jack Sparrow

Harry Potter collection of toys

Can you spot Dobby?

Lara Croft

Yoda, if I am correct. Don't really know much about Star Wars. :)

Anakin Skywalker!

Better angle


Ju Dee acted terrified to see The Joker

Was trying to imitate the smile. Fail!!

Bruce Lee

Wall-E! Evaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!


The Silver surfer in Fantastic Four

Po the panda in Kungfu Panda

Woody leaning on don't-know-who

Spider Man

Superman Collection



Indiana Jones

Jason from Friday the Thirteenth



The Chucky family

Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?

Glenn/Glenda/Shitface, Chucky, Tiffany


The Looney Tunes Collection! Especially dedicated to Eunice. :o)

The tour in Toy Museum was over.

While waiting for the bus to Komtar and then interchange to Air Itam

The famous laksa from Air Itam! The man posed for Ju Dee.

Yummy. By the way, only Ju Dee ate the laksa. I was still full to take in any food then.

Her glutton face.

Fried popiah

Kek Lok Si

There's a DAP logo on one of the tortoises' shell. Funny!!!

Feeding time all the time.

Pretending to study the tortoises

Time to go back and freshen up and meet with Cecilia and Kahmen!!

The exterior of the Rapid.

Back in Ferringhi. We had our dinner at Hard Rock Hotel's Pizzeria.

Cecilia and Kah Men making the orders

Rooney and Robin. The R&R team. Always rehat only. Hehehe...

The pizzas that were ordered. Sorry, I had no idea what their names were so I shall call them Pizza One, Pizza Two and Pizza Three.

Pizza One

Pizza Two

Pizza Three

Rooney's Mango Lassi. RM20.

It was also a surprise birthday celebration for Miss Nurainie.

Tiramisu cake on the left, vanilla ice-cream on the right, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' written using dark chocolate.

After dinner, we took a short tour around the hotel and snapped more pictures. Hard Rock is beautiful at night.

Blue lighting

And then it changes to...


The best lighting for photography. Purple is also the official colour of Hard Rock!

Can feel Christmas is here soon.

The Rock Shop sells an array of Hard Rock merchandises consisting of T-shirts and cute little bears!

About RM85 per garment in average.

I like this! RM70. *gasps*

Punk bear.

Reggae bear.

Glasses of all kinds

There were some antique cars parked outside for some function. Oh, I forgot what function.

Use this type of paint and you will never have to polish your car again.

Ju Dee posing with the Oris car.

Group picture with the Giant Guitar at the back.

The scenery was so different from daytime.

Goodbye, Hard Rock!

DAY 3 (8.12.2010)

I just realised there was no pictures snapped for the last day. Anyway, the only activity we had was headed in Queensbay Mall for lunch and then back to Ipoh. Thank you everyone for such a wonderful time.

It is still funny that I will go back to Penang for training in less than a month. Looking forward to it very much. :)

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Joanna said...

PENANG !!!!!!! fried oysters !!! Jealous !! lol. glad u enjoyed urself :)

Anonymous said...

All i can say is I wish I was there too. Nice yummy food.

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