Friday, August 17, 2007

the greatest place for your delicious meals..

This happened two days ago. The restaurant was so 'fantastic' and it blew me away.

So, there is a new place in Jusco. Formerly it was Wooden House and now it's Food and Tea Restaurant. So inartistic for a classy restaurant, right? My dad was planning to try out a new place since we were late and so, there we went. We could not complain more after what we, I in particular, experienced.

The sesame-filled glutinous ball with gingerly-weird soup.

It tasted like the one which pregnant ladies drink.

Red beans dessert

So thick like glue. I think if I need glue, I can use this. Beautiful coloured glue.

French toast, half-eaten.

My sister ordered this and it was surprisingly quite delicious since the rest of the food looked like they came from Mars and Jupiter.

The environment inside the restaurant

Now I truly understands what it means by the proverb, 'Do not judge a book by its cover'. It may look authentic, but the service and food and pricing said otherwise.

Don't know what Shanghai shredded noodles

Okay, the story started like this. We went into the restaurant at 9pm and my dad ordered pork chop rice and my sister ordered French toast. I ordered the simplest food: kaya toast. I thought I would be the one to get my order first. After all, toast is not so difficult to make right??

The orders came without my meager kaya toast.

Okay, never mind. I waited longer.

Finally it was 9.30 pm.

WHERE IS MY TOAST?? I was getting hungrier and my dad and sis were now two bloated creatures. At that point of time, a waitress asked us whether we have any second orders since they were about to close.

To which, my dad gave a clever reply: 'First order also hasn't arrive. How to have second order?' Good one. Then she hurried away saying she will rush my order. Another waiter approached us asking us the same question. I suspected they have the same script to talk to customers. Again, my dad repeated his answer. He hurried away too giving the same assurance to rush the order in the kitchen.

I was at my boiling point when one man in suit came over and told me something unbelievable and almost impossible.

He spoke in Cantonese saying, 'I'm sorry. We have got your toast ready but we dare not serve it to you since we have some problem with it.'

What problem?? Their kaya turned rotten? Or they ate my order??

They can actually tell me the truth! I can accept if they say they buy expired kaya for their customers. I wondered what they had been doing in the kitchen with my toast since they did not even have the courage to tell me that I could not have the toast. Were the cooks standing around the toast shivering and didn't know what to do? And made me wasted half an hour of my life waiting for it?

So in the end, the man in suit asked me to ordered something else. I deliberately mentioned something like, 'I think I want McD porridge.'

I seriously wanted him to hear that. And I think he did because he looked rather uncomfortable after that.

I ordered the Shanghai shredded noodles which has mediocre taste. The dessert I ordered was not thirst-quenching so I drank the soup of the noodles which was undoubtedly full of preservatives.

The banner of the restaurant located by the escalator

I got so angry that I snapped this photo to warn the public about not going in there. I am sure the food court is a better option for meals.

The full banner

Yeah, even I am on the verge of dying from starvation, I will not come here. I would have died with my eyes opened sooner waiting for my kaya toast.

My rating of this fantastic restaurant? 0.5/5.

P/S: I give 0.5 for the layout of the restaurant. Not because I love it very much. Oh, all of you who would like to know what it's really like can go there. You might be lucky enough not to have to wait for your food, but the mystery of the kaya toast remains unsolved.


I will never find out.

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Anonymous said...

haha..first of all...congratulations for being able to get out of tht restaurant without being beaten up by the manager for mentioning McD shud be happy coz u din die of starvation...thank god...haha...i think they will jap lup soon...coz our pretty and kind fiona also say bad things bout tis restaurant..haha

Eunice said...

lol..the cooks shivering round the "problematic kaya toast?" funny funny..i thought so too..dunno what's their problem..cant rell us earlier..surely the cooks too hungry den silently ate it up time we shall go in again..this time..sit there..order..den quickly cabut and dun enter again lor..even if we enter again also they wont recognise us i tink..liek wat the guy say "shen yi hen hao"

mike said...

wootness!!! better don't go back there. they'll spit in your drink or your food. trust me. i've done, no sorry, i've been there. hee =) i think hor.. the kaya's rotten leh...