Tuesday, August 28, 2007

crystle the poser..

Crystle is the potential contestant for Malaysia's Next Top Dog Model. Below are the photographs from her portfolio.

Had fun dressing Crystle with a piece of cloth and a curtain strip last Friday. Notice how the strip was tied into a bow. I can even give her away as a gift during Christmas!

And this was the result of the 'photoshoot':

'Hey, I thought I am supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood?? How come my hood is BLUE?'

'Oh, can't complain much. I have to be the wolf so I can't wear the red hood.'

'Faster give me my food for being a good poser!'

'Phew! The awful costume is finally off!'

'What? Want another shot of me? This will be the last one. No more, okay?'

'Oi! Don't try to cheat me! One photo does not mean four shots in one frame!'

'I love sitting in the car! Okay, you can snap me since I am so happy!!'

That's about it. We took her to the vet yesterday and had her vaccinated. The funniest part was when the vet inserted the thermometer into her butt. She jerked so much she nearly fell off the table. Funny dog, she is.

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mike said...

your dog's not the only one okay. my dog's like that too.

anw anw anw!!!

i got my license already. but school's gonna start soon. i'll be driving to your place soon. wait for me ya.