Friday, July 23, 2010

Terrapin on a tree

There's a lot of drama going on for the past few days regarding the day trip to Shah Alam and thank God it has been settled. Even if it's not settled, we HAVE TO agree on the same solution so, I guess I cannot really call that a solution.=)

Our trip will be carried out as planned I am going to enjoy myself and not let the bumpy ride ruin my mood. It will definitely be fun!

The other day, my sister spotted L on the coconut tree.

I was shocked and thought he ran away at first. He can climb trees! Wow, a new found talent of his.

3 wrote a note:

Yen said...

Oh, wow... This is a first time seeing a tortoise on a tree albeit a small & fake tree. Haha ^o^

ken said...

wow.. how did it manage to climb up the tree? lol.. did it jump? =)

Fiona said...

@yen: it was my first time seeing a terrapin climb up like that too!
@ken: i have no idea how he got up there and he came down rather steadily. so clever!