Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The first July post

The schedule has changed and now I have classes from Monday to Thursday. Love it. The lecturers are good too. I pray that there will be no changes for this semester. It just feels really weird as though we are the source of the problem when lecturers are leaving one by one. Reminds me so much of Problem Child. Nobody wants to teach us.

Someone brightened up my day today. Wei Li, I received your lovely postcard from Vienna. I know I can be lousy at keeping in touch and I was so lucky that you are doing it so well. Hope to see you soon! I might be in Penang when you touch Malaysian soil but I will always be 1.5 hours away. Haha!

The weather was so warm today that I don't want to be in my room. I might consider sleeping in the living room tonight.

Counting down to my training: About six more months to go. Hope I learn something.

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Anonymous said...

As you counting the days for your training, I am half sad, half worried and half happy. Will have to practice less sms to you then as you won't be able to reply most of my sms and I have to look at the clock before I make any phone calls to you. After training you will be too tired to message at cos there will be another long day for you. I wish the time can stop for a moment so that your training time won't arrive so soon but then deep inside me, I really want you to go out from your shell for more experiences doing your training - just in a dilemma - well, just follow the stars... go on... for the big days.. enjoy your training, have fun and do well... wow what a long comment over here. got to run now - today I will be cooking simple meal for the day.

Time being all the six guppies, 10 neons and a drain fish are still alive. Found one new big bully in the blue tank.. the biggest guppy..

Till another comment... if you do update your post..

taraa.. From Me To You