Monday, June 04, 2007

sweet and sour for all..

No motivation at all to do anything. That includes updating this blog. Homework is still piling up. However, life is still enjoyable although there are times when sadness overwhelms me and my tears flow without consent. Those moments are really the ones that I detest the most. But I am trying my best to bear with it. Life is full of sweetness yet there are still gaps for moments of bitterness.

I love my life although it is somewhat unfair one way or another. Maybe that's just what I feel. God has a plan for me. In order for that plan to succeed, I need to experience pain and lots of other unpleasant events. Last month was not a great month for me with all the trials and turbulences I went through.

This month, I will be stronger to face any challenges and no longer dwell in the past, having self-pity for myself.

I am currently hooked onto a show and I am looking for a way to refrain myself from wasting too much time so that I can get back to my books. They have the ability to kill you just with the words printed on them.

Oh ya, I watched Blades Of Glory last Saturday. It was pretty good. Better than Mr. Bean. Very, very hilarious!

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