Friday, June 01, 2007

the mysterious time..

Another week to go and the chamber of torture reopens itself.

School is real fun, I tell you. Right, so I lied. I am dreading the time and trying my best to freeze time now albeit knowing that I what I am trying to do is to no avail. I love the moments when I have the best moments in life. Time is a wonderful thing. However, everything has its pros and cons. Time is also the enemy of mankind.

Have you ever noticed that our most troubled moments were the periods when time ticks by so slowly that causes us to lose control when we cannot bear it any longer? Losing control does not literally mean going crazy or berserk. Different individuals have different ways to express it. Some will find themselves crying, more applicable to girls, while the others might bottle up their emotions at the same time feeling remorseful. These are the moments we humans have to face in every stage of our lives.

People always say, "I wish I could just turn back time."

Is it possible? I would be more than glad to give a positive answer but the truth is, WE CAN'T. We just have to face the situation and absorb whatever that comes on the way just like sponge. Let it flow through us and when the time passes, we will be fine again without feeling horrible.

Everything fades with time.

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