Friday, September 23, 2011


It's my first time going out with Joan today and although it was a short outing of food and shopping, we enjoyed ourselves much.

We first had our breakfast at McD and we were the last to order breakfast for the day. The clock struck 11am when we went to our table with our tray of food. We halved the food as we were planning to have lunch at Gurney Plaza.

Joan very happy to be photographed with the breakfast tea.

We strolled around in the mall for quite a bit, going high and low the complex searching for some outlets that sold reasonable priced clothes. I was really tempted to shop but I resisted.

To think of a place to have lunch could be a headache. We could not find anything that we felt like eating at that moment at the lower ground so we went higher and higher till we reached Pastamania.

The 7-inch pizza that we halved. We shared almost everything. :)

She let me try her baked rice with ham and sausage and I let her try my potato waffles.

I was feeling a little full so I didn't order my all-time favourite lasagna.

The potato waffles at RM4.90.

This intrigued me. They actually counted how many they served!

I wonder if the figures can be counted on.

After that, we strolled for a bit and rushed off to the bus-stop to wait for the bus to fetch us to the resort.

I will miss you and your gang, Joan. :) Let's meet up again when you are in Penang or when I go to Johor!

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