Thursday, September 15, 2011

I just woke up

Yes, I just woke up from my 8-hour sleep of the day. Time to cook up a blog post so you don't have to keep staring at the lazy post below. :)

Three days ago, I was in Ipoh for the Mid-Autumn Festival and I had lots of fun. I saw a dog which looked like Shaggy but it is a cross-breed between a Husky and a Poodle. He was the pet of my sis' friend, Hui Qi.

See how cute it was!

So sorry for the picture quality. I have a bad camera phone. :P

A slightly clearer shot of the cute dog.

The following day, I went for breakfast with Eunice and I ordered the most predictable American Breakfast; something that I usually have when I was still in Ipoh. It was still as delicious. I know. How could sausages and egg taste any different? They were instant food after all!

I finally got to drive my new car and I am still in the process of getting the parking right. In due time, I will be an expert!

Oh yes, I need to feature the two darlings. They are getting stronger and bigger as days go by.

Meet the Elles!

There was sort of a warehouse sale at Ipoh Parade and I managed to get a good haul for my new bed.

The whole set (comforter + bedsheet) with 330 thread count at RM89 only! The original price was at RM499! It's such a good bargain. :)

Dad took us to Sushi King for dinner on the 13th September and we ate some sushi and it amounted to RM40 something. I don't remember the exact figure but it was within the RM50 range. Next round, we must go to Sakae Sushi. Heh!

First day of night shift is over. Second night will be here in less than 7 hours! I am a vampire again for 5 nights minus the blood-sucking ritual.

I want to play the Sims 2! What a sudden craving for Sims. I don't know why.

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