Friday, September 03, 2010


Dad's friend has rescued 6 puppies a month ago. They are all very well-fed. Got a shock to see the puppies so fleshy and healthy.

Compilation of more than half of the photos snapped by my sister.


He must be really tired. The pup, I mean.

So cute!

Sleeping so soundly it's like nothing in the world can wake him up from his beautiful dream.

Soft little paw.

Another cute one. Aiya, too lazy to name them so I should call them Cute#1, Cute#2 and so on...

Fatty, also known as 小白 by Alfread/Alfred/Mickey/Wai Wai.

小白 does not like me to hold him that way. =(

So anyone interested to adopt any of the puppies? They are just too irresistible!

2 wrote a note:

sapphire blu said...

so many photos. if only i can bring one or two puppies over. they are so cuteeeeeeee... and gorgeous

Puppies in Georgia said...

Too cute puppiy look alike a small baby .So don't wait just bring a puppy for your sweet home.