Thursday, August 26, 2010

K Box + Strawberry Moment = Kingly Moment!

Semester 4 is officially over! So college mates and I went for karaoke session at K Box and Strawberry Moment at De Garden for a celebration. It was also a farewell for Rooney and Kah Men as they will be going for their training after this. We will definitely miss you both!

Met up at 4.30pm right after Ju Dee's final paper and we really had so much fun singing and snapping pictures.

All pictures are snapped by our dutiful photographer, Khor Ju Dee. If you like, you can rate the pictures by leaving a comment. Photos will be numbered for rating convenience. Only Ju Dee is not allowed to rate her pictures because she will put 10/10 for every single one.

#1 The last four HND (HM) students in college.



#4 Ju Dee and I

#5 Mickey and I

#6 Four of us again

The next venue: Strawberry Moment

Everything was so pink there.

Look at the menu!

#7 The menu looks delicious already

#8 More than enough sweet stuffs that you can indulge in. I can hear the ants coming!

#9 Frosty Strawberry Drink for me

#10 Artistic shot by The Photographer. I think it is not bad. The picture and the taste as well.

#11 From left: Fresh Strawberry Juice (Patricia), Frosty Strawberry Drink (Mine), Iced Strawberry Tea (Ju Dee), Strawberry White Coffee (Kah Men)

#12 Pasta with Tomato Gravy. Yummy! Glad it didn't taste like strawberry.

We chatted for a long time and Ju Dee wanted a group photo but the staffs were too busy to entertain us. So Patricia thought of this brilliant idea to use the tissue box as our tripod.

#13 Three, two, one, SNAP!!! Confirmed clear!

Strolled for a while and we looked for more areas to snap pictures.

#14 Wish the staircase was tiled so it would look nicer.

#15 Test shot to see if the lighting is good enough for photography.

#16 Red mode

#17 Bluish green mode. Sickly atmosphere.

#18 Trying to act fierce in the red light. I failed.

#19 Group photo. A security guard snapped this photo.

Went back around 11.30pm last night.

P.S. The PuiYun, I will never turn you down if you ask me out in broad daylight. I will definitely say YES. I can only go out at night OCCASIONALLY. My quota is used up for this month. :/

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