Monday, September 13, 2010

Buddies from many years ago

These few weeks have been interesting and I wonder how I managed to spend it so quickly. From weeks, I only have days till I return to college for my final semester.

And I heard strange news about Rooney's hostel. It has got RATS in it! So I have decided not to go to Golden Sands. Back to its neighbour, Rasa Sayang. I hope I can get in though.

Raya was great and I had loads of good food from Sarah's and Eza's open houses. You cannot get to eat so much unless it's Raya! Then the same night I went for barbecue and ate some more. My stomach's capacity is not too bad huh? Too bad I didn't snap pictures during the barbecue because Ju Dee, that's your job and not mine. Photography is not so much of my interest, sad to say.

Sarah left for Moscow in the middle of last night and now that I think of it, I might not be seeing her. I wonder if I will still be in Ipoh when she comes back. It's all right, we'll see. When I look at the photos she has compiled during our hang out sessions, a sense of nostalgia swept over me. All the memories, laughter, I will forever hold dear.

My new additions to my memories.

♥ them all

2 wrote a note:

dr1/6 said...

awww fi.

if you're not around when i do come back, i'll come looking for you :)

i need an excuse to go to penang anw, and what's a summer without meeting fiona lee.

<3 x infinity!

Fiona said...

ok! let's meet up no matter what! Hehehe...

♥ x infinity too!!!