Saturday, September 18, 2010

The sleepiness slipped away.

Earlier tonight, I was feeling sleepy but I wonder where the sleepiness has gone to. I guess Angela's Ashes stole it away. I just can't put that book down. Frank McCourt was such a funny (in an interestingly serious manner) author and the way he penned down his childhood created a sense of humour which you can't help but laugh even if it's something you shouldn't be laughing about.

College life resumes on Monday. Time to take a chill pill and get the checklist done. Photo for resume, filling out resume, assignments, ears to listen diligently in class and what else? Ah, of course, a peaceful mind to go through the entire semester before facing the real world.

It's really odd because I have mixed feelings about going for training. Sometimes, I feel excited at the thought of it but occasionally, I could feel a tinge of sadness (or it could be something else), you know the kind you feel when you know you are about to lose something and never get it back. I don't know why but it just feels that way at times.

No matter where I go though, I will depend on God in everything I do. Discouragement will go away when I fix my eyes upon the Lord in every decision that I make. I am sure of it.

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