Friday, March 02, 2007

some things that popped into my mind..

Once again, another week is about to end. And it is already the 13th day of Chinese New Year. Time is speeding like it used to. I am glad of one thing though.


At least I don't have to be a physician anymore to predict the questions that would be coming out. Got back two subjects and they are satisfactory. I could ask for nothing more. A mere little creature in this vast universe must learn to be satisfied of what I deserved and not be complaining. However, I must not be too complacent at the same time.

It's time to move on!

I dream dreams. But none of them seemed to be related to my studies. All I could say is that they were too fictional. I am a dreamy kind of person. Quick, someone pull me back to reality! Is there any kind of metal in books that could attract them towards me? In this case, I want to be the magnet simply because I just have to wait for the books to come to me rather than me going to them. I hate myself sometimes. My attitude is still the same. As lazy as ever. I really wonder when would the day when I learn to be hardworking comes. Maybe it won't take long to come. I am sure by STPM, I will as good as the ants and bees.

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