Saturday, March 10, 2007

1st day of the holidays..

What a long day today! Went to the library to search for lyrics to fit into the song for lagu puisi competition and then headed straight on for lunch opposite Jusco. After that, my dad brought my sister and I to cut our hair. And here is the most annoying part.

One of the assistants there used the straightening iron clippers to straighten my hair. I admit that my hair was a little bit wavy as I had it tied up previously so I did not mind at first. But the moment she clipped my hair over and over again with the clippers, I was thinking, "Okay, this is getting bad...." She continued tormenting my hair slowly. The worst part was when she clipped on the same bunch of hair for quite a long time. I could truly hear my hair crying. When she had completed steaming my hair, I quickly touched it. It felt so hot! It was obvious that my hair was flattened and it now looked little.

The trip to Jusco enlightened me somehow. Bought some stuffs before going home to cook for my dearie dearie Saffy. This is the end result of her dinner:

Noodles with luncheon meat and some desserts. The desserts are not made by me. They are bought. Made in Malaysia special delicacy. :D

Saffy loved it so much that she finished everything (as usual). Now, she's sleeping with her heart, mind and soul full of content.

The AF season has begun. I love the auditions as I can laughed my head off listening to them. I am terribly sorry for being mean. Tell me, who can suppress laughter when something hilarious comes so near to your ears?

I am not trying to condemn anyone here. I really salute those who went for the audition. I will never have the courage to do so. Even if their singings are bad, I respect them for being who they are and not afraid of being laughed at.

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Anonymous said...

whow. im hapi saffy being treated like a 'queen' in ur hse.hehe
hmm, haf u watched d tirai? so weird la diz yr af5. dere's diz guy look like mawi eyh! i prefer guys mo den gurls s usual. hee

Anonymous said...

dear fi,

(I better start off nice. cos it's been quite some time since i commented at your blog.)

How are you? (sounds a lil lame, nonetheless.) i just moved into my new place, and for weeks, i didn't get an internet connection. finally! it's established. =) so, your hair is straightened now? i wanna see i wanna see!!!

happy holidays girl!


p/s: eh eh... maybe hor... i should go join malaysian idol or AF. who knows i might win? i know i got your vote. heheh~