Friday, February 23, 2007

rants and more rants..

I've deleted the previous post as the images were not able to be viewed. Too bad. The pictures were interesting and you get to see my cooking. Haha..

Overall, it has been quite a good new year for me although I only have a week of holidays. =)

The exam will begin on Monday and it didn't seem like a big deal. I was thinking, what on earth is wrong with me? However, I am sure I am taking everything seriously but..

There's always a BUT in every sentence. There's always a reason or rather an excuse for not starting to prepare seriously. I just need something of a threat to get me focused. Maybe most people are facing the same problem but maybe they can handle this better?

Currently still busy eating and drinking and having fun. It's the New Year! I will focus on this first. Hope it won't be too late for me to make my plans on turning on the studious channel most of the time.

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