Sunday, October 01, 2006

give and take..

A delicious looking chocolate cake. It looks like a landslide has occured. Really creative. =)
Landslides do happen in real life. There's nothing that can help to prevent the landslides from occuring if there are no steps of precautions. Since NO ONE is supposed to get involved, there's no one to turn to for help and disaster will strike. The 'victims' are obviously the ones getting hurt. The longer the strike is, I cannot imagine what will happen to the once beautiful land.

Sometimes when I see someone lingering on the streets, dressed in unwashed patched clothings, I can't help wondering about one's origins. Where is his/her family? Nobody should be left alone because everyone belongs to the society. I really sympathise these people who have no one to turn to when they need help. Their lives are no different from waves. Ever changing and not a moment of calmness.

I felt the same when I saw an old lady moving about aimlessly in the coffee shop where I had my dinner just now. Everyone who walked past her scoffed at her and even asked her to go away. A tinge of sadness filled me. I knew she felt the same. The feeling of being unwanted and not valued will definitely hurt her. Hostility is what we see in the world today. For example, wars. Be it cold or not. Being hostile to others is what I detest most. One should have the attitide to give and take. If you can't give, why take? That's self-centred if someone takes something without giving.

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Anonymous said...

was passing by your blog.. felt touched. Why has the world changed from bad to worse every second of the day when God creates such a beautiful earth for us to live on
.... Its sad really sad... AGREE?

- sapphire blu -