Tuesday, October 31, 2006

a few lines to say that i'm alive..

Streamyx line was down a few days back and blogger was under maintenance. So that was the reason why I had been missing.

One week of holidays is over. Back to business.

To my dearest General Paper,
I'm really sorry for I failed to be your friend *said
with some crocodile tears welling in the eyes*. Is there
anything that will help to strengthen our 'friendship'?
I wish miracle would happen. Maybe some GP potion will help. Don't get me wrong. It's not Gila Power Potion which I suspect someone is overdosed on.....lol....

Waiting in anticipation for the long term holidays,

2 wrote a note:

mike said...

haha. dramatic. yeah! that's the way. you're boarding my ship! yay!!

Anonymous said...

u sure gonna have a good holiday cos you are going for something new this time... wake up early daily and crack your head preparing for stpm..??? nah that will be a boring hol then.. just let time decide what you gonna do.. Time passes so fast that maybe before you can succeed in doing anything, school reopens again..haha.. then you will tell yourself.. wat???? over so fast?? oh no... not much time life before the big day..

see you then.. have fun in whatever you do today.

- sapphire -