Friday, October 20, 2006

major events of this week..

A lot had happened this week:

Firstly, the accident which happened right in front of my eyes on Monday still shocked me a little. Thank God for the protection He gave to the victim that the impact was not great and she could recover fast. The very same night, my dad and I visited her and I could not find any hint that she had been hit by a car that afternoon. Aunty Ann, which I call her, is a very energetic person and I remember her asking me "Why did you hit me?"when I held her arm on the road. I was like..."Huh? No, I didn't hit you......." Blood was oozing out from her forehead profusely and I could smell the blood and it was so concentrated that it nearly suffocated me. Thank goodness I didn't faint.

She was discharged from the hospital the following day.

The final day of exam finally came. Just too glad that it ended. I wouldn't be able to live anymore if it lasted for a few more days.

  • I've had enough of thinking.
  • I've had enough of writing.
  • I've had enough of counting.
  • And I've had enough of EXAM!

On Wednesday, Puan Rathan said firmly that she'll only return us our maths paper after the holidays. And yesterday, we got back our marks. Sometimes I feel that teachers can't keep their word. =)

Sixth form night is over as well. The food was edible. And I just love the mutton curry. I guess I will be hunting for more curries during Deepavali. This is what I might do if I crave for curries too much.

I'd budge/intrude into any Indian home and acted as if I know them. Then I might be invited to dinner and join in their lunch/dinner. :P

I was just kidding about that. I am not that I don't want to end up 'enjoying' my holidays in the cell at the police station.

I was late for tuition today because I forgot the time. I thought it was 11a.m. but it actually started at 10a.m.. At 10.20a.m., I got this message:

R u coming 4 mat tuition 2day?

Then I replied that I was going.

Ten minute later, another message came:

R u on the way? Tuition suppose 2 b
at 10am to 11.30am

I was like.....WHAT????

I thought it was 11am. I'll be right there.

So I rushed there and reached within minutes. Lucky thing that the place was very near from my home. Phew. I didn't miss a lot though.

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Anonymous said...

what happened lar? why no updates? you're seeing me again in december. haha. nightmare for you, eh?