Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I shall not talk about terrible things which will actually make some of you out there cry.

I have a new star tortoise named Yoda. He's really cute and loves to eat a lot. I will post his picture here as soon. Sometimes, I think I should buy some fish to rear and turn my home into a mini zoo. Currently, there are four types of animals.

  • Saffy with teeth as strong as steel and will bite anything that comes in her way.
  • Five turtles unnamed-it's pointless to name them since they can't answer you when you call them. (Yoda is a different case)
  • Three terrapins with no names either.
  • And last but not least, the vegetarian star tortoise named Yoda. (he was named by his previous owner, so as a form of gratitude and respect, we kept the name)

As I've said, I will not mention about terrible things but this one cannot resist not to be mentioned.


How dejected I feel. Maybe this is a test from God to test my patience. I will endure it through and persevere no matter what. On the brighter side, I will be appealing tomorrow. With God's blessing, all things are possible. As the saying goes, we plan the work but God will work the plan. So, I guess it will work that way.

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Anonymous said...

it's making us wait, wait, wait and wait. this is driving me insane, you know. seesh.