Thursday, June 01, 2006

catty dreams..

The AF fever is back. This Saturday will be the first concert and I can't wait to watch. In the meantime, I have made a resolution. I'll skip the diaries and only watch the concert alone. The three Ds are what I see repeatedly in my mind now. Devotion, Discipline, Diligence.

Last two nights ago, I had a dream about this lion which came into my house. I don't know how it got in because the gates were closed and the only possibility that I could think of was that it went through the gates. And I thought that was the end of my life. It came near to me and I shut my eyes tight. Please don't come near me, please don't. I have a lot more to do with my life. I don't want to be devoured!! But dreams are dreams. The impossible happened. I stretched my arms out to the lion and gave it a hug. It responded by putting one of it's paws on my shoulder and hug me just the same.

It's really weird to have such a dream. It's even weirder when my mom told me she saw a cat in her dream that very same night. She told me that a cat came into the house. Well, of course, the cat she was referring to was just an ordinary cat. Not a big cat like The Lion.

I believe our dreams did linked together in a way or another which is what I call CATTY dreams.

Recently, my mom has invented a new phrase. It's raining Rosie and Saffy. Yes, Rosie is a cat. She's my neighbour's cat. I'll try putting her picture here as soon as I had snapped it. She's cute and Saffy loves barking at her. Maybe she's just jealous of Rosie's beauty. Haha.

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i think i came here more than three times but the same posts keep appearing. mana pergi??