Saturday, June 17, 2006

all about school..

No matter how fun LSS5 can be, I want to leave as soon as possible. The environment there is all right and the personalities of the people within that four-walled classroom are interesting, but, it's so difficult for me to fit in. I don't feel a sense of belonging being a part of it. I want July to come sooner.

I've been tagged by Aisyah
but I'll only do it later.

Mr. Karu asked me why I wanted to take B.M.. "I just like the subject!" came as a reply. He looked at me as though I came from Mars. I suppose he reacted that way because I am one of the few students who would be interested in that subject.

Mrs. Tan is freaking me out. I don't know why, but whenever she looks at me while speaking to the class just makes me feel nervous. I can't imagine what will happen if she were to call me to speak in front of the class. First, my heart would beat so fast and hard that it might burst. Secondly, my knees would start to tremble along with my hands and lips. And when my lips tremble, I can't speak properly which causes me to stammer and blabber in gibberish. Soon after that, she would have the impression that I came from another planet because she would not be able to comprehend me. How embarassing! I DON'T WANT TO SPEAK!! But I should know better that there's no way escaping this ordeal. I just have to get it done and over with quick.

If my application is rejected, I will definitely reapply.

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Carbon14 said...

Hey ... You're in LSS5 ? Wow..Hey you sound very lonely.Why cant you fit in the class?I mean its not about whether you can fit in or not but rather willing to fit in.Try to relax and we will take the next step.Everyone is family in SMI.No one is a outcast or anything.I wish you to have happy memories in LSS5 :-)