Monday, May 29, 2006

off-hand answers in biology..

I am online not because I am trying to kill time. I have serious stuffs to do. I am doing my homework. Haa! You didn't read this wrongly. I am INDEED doing my homework ONLINE.

I have no references whatsoever to help in any of my science subjects which resulted me into looking for the anwers to the biology questions teacher gave as 'holiday homework' which literally means 'holiday stress' online. The murderous questions are simple, yet I can neither feel nor see the answers come flooding into my poor head. Yes, it has been rather poor these days considering the excessive amount of thinking that it had done for the past week.

If all the questions required off-hand answers, it'll be like these:

Explain the structure and functions of the following: (15 freaking marks)
a) cell wall
It's rather simple, isn't it? Cell wall simply means the wall of a cell. Functions? A wall is a tough structure so it's suppose to prevent the interior of the cell from breaking apart.

b) cytoplasm
Hm, this is slightly tricky. But not that much of a problem. Cytoplasm is the area surrounding the cell which is located within the boundary of the plasma membranes. The functions? It's a medium for circulation and distribution of water, minerals and other nutrients.

Nucleus, mitochondrion and chloroplasts have many features in common. Describe the similarities and differences in their structure, distributions and functions. (another 15 freaking marks)

- they are located in the cell

- they are called organelles


- they are of different shapes and sizes

-they have different functions

And I am tired. I can't imagine the expression on her face if I were to hand in these answers to her. She'll be horrified and might paralyse instantly due to the shock she received after reading my work of masterpiece. When she recovers, she'll award me with a HUGE EGG in red for each question thanking me in gratitude for such absurd and extraordinary answers. Of course, I will gladly receive them as I know I truly deserve them more than anyone else.

At the same time, I don't want to be bashed up by Miss So-And-So. That is why I am searching so hard for decent answers to be put into writing.

Still waiting in anticipation for the Approval,

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Anonymous said...

PUHLEEZ!!! speak in english, girl.


P.S: in case you don't get what i mean, likewise. same like the maths teacher of mine. he speaks a language some of us can't understand.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite fortunate that i didn't take biology...wahahaha...good luck... ANyway,there's always online homework helpers if you need help....