Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I feel really tired at times. And the worst part of it? I can't sleep.

Just as I planned to watch a drama on tv, then my eyes started to droop and dozed off..
I can't sleep when I am suppose to and when I don't want to, there goes my eyes.

Last night, I was tossing on my bed struggling to have a good night sleep. I had difficulty breathing. I know I had a terrible blocked nose and sleeping with it can really kill. I am more than thankful when it finally got unblocked..


There's one new Disney handphone for sale and it's a limited edition. Purchase one of these phones (there are only 500 in Malaysia) and you'll be getting an MP3 player for free + birth certificate of the phone.

Image hosting by Photobucket
lots of mickeys on the leather cover

Image hosting by Photobucket
can you spot the hidden mickey?

I so wanted to buy. But it was a bit pricey though. RM1599 if you are using credit card and RM1588 if you are paying cash. I rather buy Nokia 6101.

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Anonymous said...

same here.
i dunno why my shoulders are so tired and my whole body's restless, but when i lie down on the bed...uggh, can't sleep... what's wrong with me?
i spot the w550 SE.
hah, so cool looking...~


fiona said...

i know what's wrong..it's the after effect of SPM.........!!

duyun said...

post spm feelings, huh?

i found a job, am starting in march.

i'm gonna rot rot and rot until my job starts.

and this flu's just killing me~ hah~


sarah said...

wow. i can so relate to the insomnia and sleeping when i shouldn't bit. spm, pre also worry, during lagi worry, post cannot stop worry, result=super worry. spm=permanent damage la.