Friday, January 27, 2006

happy cny!!

Chinese New Year's here in two days' time. Not putting high hopes on getting lots and lots of money as I won't be going out much to collect ang pows. Anyway, somehing is going to cheer me up. My birthday, of course! I'll be celebrating today because the cake shops will be CLOSED during the season. Sometimes it really frustrates me. Whenever my birthday collides with the new year, I won't get any cake and had to pre-celebrate it. Haha. Maybe it's good. I can be 18 sooner than I had expected. My mom didn't plan to get me a cake at first..

"But what about my birthday wish? I need a cake with candles on it so that I can make my wish."

There goes the story of how I got my birthday cake. I am still a child.

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