Sunday, January 15, 2006

an evening like no other..

This was my first time I got on the move after such a long, long time. Well, I went to the playground to play badminton and jogged. Really missed those times during PJ when I have to run and exercise! Honestly speaking, I don't adore the outdoor games when i was in school, but I am so surprised that i am now.

So, my dad, sis, bro and I went. Had a great time smashing the shuttlecock although we (my sis and I) had to bear with the wind which blowed in random directions. My brother, unfortunately can't enjoy being all sweaty as he had hurt his knee, so he just sat and watched us play. It's amazing to get all the excess water out from the body which eventually soaked our shirts. My arm was aching after quite some time so we planned to stop. I suggested jogging around the neighbourhood. Not exactly jogging, but it's something like scout's pace where we had to run and walk alternately. This way, we won't tire ourselves too soon.

I am not the kind who has high stamina so I gave up after running for like....10 minutes? However, I could see that my sis still had the energy to go on. Wow, she really is fitter than me. But she didn't continue because of me. Haha. That's because no one's going to accompany her further.

Reached home at 6.30 pm and Saffy was already at the gate, demanding for her dinner. She put her paw into the empty bowl, prompting me to get her food. How cute! But I acted blur and she kept on jumping on me in desperation. Haha.

Might be going for another time maybe next week. No, most probably. Now that I have nothing to do, I think I should exercise to remove those amount of fats I am gaining every day.

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