Thursday, November 09, 2006

trip to lenggong and k.k...

Went to Lenggong. I am too lazy to write the details of the trip so this entry will be entirely of pictures.

Muzium Arkeologi Lenggong

The front part of the building

Cute miniature figures of the people living so many thousands of years ago

Even the Perak Man has an I.C.

A more detailed version than our regular ones

A replica of the remains of the animal they hunt in those days

Stones, stones and MORE STONES!!


The Perak River and the Kuala Kangsar bridge beyond

We even went to the gallery of the sultan. NO photos were taken due to the very strict rule. If only cameras were allowed. I could have snapped lots of more fabulous pictures of the awesome and exquisite gallery.

The exterior of the gallery

Wonderful trip. Hope I can go for another trip like this soon. =)

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Anonymous said...

HEY! i've been there before. my sis', su ann and i were checking out the jeweleries. damn nice wehhh... haha.