Saturday, November 11, 2006

a short entry written on a rainy day..

I love the pattering of the raindrops against the roofs and the windows. It soothes me, bringing with it serenity and comfort.

The rain started pouring in the afternoon which actually serves as a blessing. My neighbour burnt their kitchen and they needed the rain to put the fire out.

I am not so sure whether it's a real fire but when I looked through the window in my room (after having smelt smoke), their kitchen was so smoky. The smoke raced out from all openings it could find and out into the air. Another contribution to haze. But the rain has washed it all. Thank God for the Rain!! =)

Got to go now for I have a date with roast chicken rice. I will make it disappear into thin air just like how the rain did to the haze.

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Anonymous said...

hey, girl, i changed my link. will be posting it up soon. blogger cannot post private posts lar. gotta resume to tabulas. it's raining every day here. sigh sigh.

loadsa love,

Anonymous said...

what happened to your blog? so long never update wan? btw, i don't think i wanna change the link cos it's hard to post pics up there. love you too dearie. tata.