Sunday, January 23, 2005

a bigger family..

my mom bought another two turtles..they are rather small and seem fragile..compared to two of mine which has been staying here for four months, they somehow look more yellowish in colour unlike mine when my mom first bought them..they are grey from the beginning and still are..i told my mom that they have jaundice because most babies have that as soon as they are born..maybe baby turtles are the same as human mom didn't believe me..maybe it's not dad had a different opinion though..he said that as the turtles came from indonesia, maybe they swallowed too much mud due to the tsunami and turned all yellowish upon reaching the shore of singapore before exporting them to malaysia..all together, there are now five turtles in the one and a half feet aquarium..they look so CUTE!! i hope none of them will die so soon...

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Bernie said...

Turtle...? I WANT TURTLE. Turtles are cute.

And I do hope your turtles stay with you for quite a while. <3