Sunday, January 09, 2005

last entry for this week..

as i can only online on weekends, it's best i post another entry..this is a new curfew..NO internet on weekdays..have to revise for SPM..that's what my mom tells and reminds me ears itch every time i hear that..but it's true..SPM is really near and i am getting nervous..intimidating..classes are sure getting tougher..i love my mom so much for caring for me and i mean it..

my stomach is upset..i can't wait for the pain to go off..i know it will..maybe i lack exercise..that's why i am having soreness everywhere..

i know i will begin to hate tuesdays and thursdays ends at 2.30 pm and i have tuition at 4..when am i going to find time to complete my homework?? at night? then i'll miss my tv time..i should remind myself again..cut down on's coming..sometimes it works, you know..when the spiritual self is stronger than the body, it's easier to do anything..just follow your heart..but it's a rare thing when that's rare to me at least..

i can't wait to drive..if i can get my licence sooner, that will be so cool..let me just dream on until the time comes..

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