Thursday, March 29, 2012

A few lines

I feel like writing today. I don't want to be lengthy but just to pen down a few words, hopefully a few lines if the mood and the mind are still here with me.

Today had been pretty interesting and I realised the more you meet people, the more eloquent you could be. It just needs practice. That was a long conversation and my growling stomach told me it was time to stop and head home. We had a great time though. I wrote minutes for the first time and I guessed I did okay. Next, I want to write a press release. Haha, just kidding.

As soon as I got home, I received a message saying Elly had been throwing up for the whole day. I remembered something in the past that slowly crept back out to the surface as I read the message. Saffy had been throwing up and I took that as a bad omen because it did what it did and when I heard about Elly doing the same thing, I could not help but worry. I just hope she gets well soon.

Currently engrossed in a novel entitled Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson. I could not imagine spending my life not remembering anything when I wake up the next morning and have to do things all over again for the day, dreading its expiry the moment I close my eyes and sleep. The book is unputdownable, of which the term not suitable for me to use as I am reading the e-book. Still, my eyes could not look away from the screen whenever the PDF file is opened.

I guess I shall stop for today. Elly, please don't die just yet. You still have loads of poop to eat. Think about that!

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Anonymous said...

Latest updates- time being elly did not throw up anything after dinner.