Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starwalk 2009

Another 10km (a second one after last year's) walk made me feel so good. It's like I have achieved something by going for this long walk. Getting the cert is even a greater encouragement for me to complete it. Last year, there were about 8000 participants and I thought it would be about the same number of people who would be joining for this time. Who would have thought that the number will increase to 11k participants! Albeit knowing that there will be no cert given to non-competition participants, there were still so many enthusiastic walkers. (Fortunately they decided to give us the cert after all.)

Feeling satisfied for today. The route's changed but it's another good walk. I did not think about any other thing during the walk but all I have in mind is to reach the finishing line as soon as possible so that I could get my 100+. =)

Duyun, it's no wonder that I could not see you. There's only 0.009091% that I would bump into you. Let's go out 'yum cha' one of these days. Wanna hear some updates from you, girl. =)

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exabelle said...

u joined? wow. my dad was there :)