Saturday, September 03, 2005

soon, i have to say goodbye..

it's now a few minutes past 12 of 3 september..i couldn't believe that i'll be sitting for spm trial exam in two days' time..time is just moving unbelieveably and mysteriously fast..too fast the speed which i's just funny that i used to think that i want to be out of school as soon as possible when i first came to secondary, but when my life in high school is about to end, there are some things that make me dread the moment to step out permanently from school..

i'll miss life buying food from the canteen, the moments i shared with a bunch of crazy and fun-loving friends..and of course, the jokes cracked during the dull moments in our beloved history teacher's class (note: parts of the jokes were about her but she's just too obsessed in 'teaching'..well, she didn't really teach as i didn't understand a single thing she said..not bothered to listen though)..maybe i'll be missing the teachers (not her, mind you! if you know who i should know anyway)..signing off here as fiona's going to experience spm in dreamland..(~_~)

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