Saturday, August 06, 2005


it's exactly a month before i have to enter the hall with the tensed atmosphere and get myself seated on the not so comfortable plastic chair and start writing...! writing about stuff i've learnt in school and at the same time squeezing all the juices out of my brain until it's really dry..that's when i'll give up writing and leave the answer sheet blank and attempt to doze off into dreamland where i had wonderful dreams about scoring a string of A's for spm......

but hey! i've got to wake up! dreams may be beautiful but i mustn't get carried away..i must be practical..the cert won't drop down from the sky just like that..i will have to earn it with my malfunctioning brain..seriously it's not working very well these days as i tend to forget things rather doesn't matter whether it happens ten seconds, ten minutes or even ten hours ago..i often forget..the other day i left my books on a table and the next moment i was looking really hard for it because i just couldn't remember..then another friend pointed out to me the place where i'd left them..what can i say? alzheimer is already striking me at such a young age..

my eyes are hurting..too much of staring at the screen..books aren't eyes won't get hurt but they get heavy and sooner or know what happens when you are reading a history textbook? i need not say already knew the answer..

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