Friday, June 03, 2005

rangers' camp 2005!

i came back aching all over but i think it's all worth it as i really did enjoyed myself during the camp..we played loads of games (which i think was a little too many), and all games involved running (the reason i have sore legs) except water games..water games? eew! they played with eggs! (i couldn't stand it so i didn't want to play)..and the amazing race? that's even worse..even chicken fat was involved..yuck! you can imagine how gross the game was if i explain it here..

so here it goes..every patrol will have to go from one station to another to get clues and win the at this particular station, the participants were required to dip their faces into a pail of water (main ingredients-eggs and chicken fat) to grab as many straws as possible and transfer it into another comes the trick of the game..the participants need to dip their heads really deep into the water to get more straws..some even swallowed a little bit of the content in the was so revolting and they looked sick! where was i then? well, i was merely a few feet from them, watching..very smart of me, eh?? but i could still smell the chicken fat! yuck!

my fingers are sore..i think it's time for me to take a break now..will have to wait until the blister on my finger to be gone before i start blogging again..

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