Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Tribute to a Good Friend

I am still feeling numb by the news. So this is how it feels to know someone whom you know personally passes on. When I received the news, my initial thought was "This must be someone else with the same name. It can't be her." But reality sometimes catches you by surprise and you have to accept the truth no matter how much you wish for it to be otherwise.

I remember you being a tough young lady, always filled with energy keeping the noisy bunch of us in order. It is hard to speak of you in the past tense because you are still very much alive to me. The memories of all those years ago, being in the same class as you for the mere one year when we were fifteen, are jumping out of the archive of my mind seeking to be seen and relived. 

Thank you for being a part of my life once. Though you have bade us farewell, you will be forever etched in our hearts as an incredibly smart and talented girl. And most of all, you are a great friend. So long, comrade. Till we meet again in eternity where there are no longer pain and sufferings.

Siew Pik, rest in peace. 

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