Friday, November 18, 2011

Nearly hospitalized

This week has been passing by extremely slow. So this is what sickness does to time. To slow down time so that you will feel tortured longer. Tortured enough for you to finally defeat and seek help from the doctor.

I am very terrified of being sick. Extremely. It's because when I start falling sick, it will last for days or even weeks. For this time round, I thank God for His quick healing Hands and I am recovered within a week.

The high fever should be gone two nights ago but I suddenly fainted minutes before my shift started and that triggered a brand new episode of me going to the hospital in the wee hours in the morning doing several tests and scans (they even scanned my brain!!) to ensure that I was really well enough to go home. I was even wheeled around the emergency hall, something I really hate because I it made me feel even more helpless. The results that came out were, well, suffice to say, I was generally healthy except for a mild infection in my blood stream which could have been due the fever I had. The MO was not convinced and said a person did not fall into unconsciousness for no reason so she referred me to a cardiologist the next day.

Okay, this got me worried. Why refer me to a heart specialist??

I had a restless night thinking about there might be something wrong with my heart. Then I woke up with a headache and went to the hospital once again in apprehension. And the result that came out from the echo was all right.

There is nothing wrong with my heart (except for a slight trembling of the valves but the doctor said it should not be a problem).

So tomorrow I am going back to work. You cannot understand how glad I am to be back like a normal person. :)

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