Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dream House and The Cat marathon!

Today is my off day and I had an interesting outing with me and myself. With Elaine too in the evening. :)

Went for a movie marathon again today and I watched The Cat: Two Eyes That See Death and also Dream House.

This movie has the usual Korean scares and worth watching. A little bit like Dark Water at the end of the movie but... I shall let you watch it yourself. :)

The plot reminds me of Shutter Island but more interesting. There is nothing scary about the movie but the ending is unexpected. Go watch it!

As there was a break of an hour or so between the movies, I went food-hunting and saw this paratha roll kiosk so I was thinking, why not?

BBQ chicken in paratha with home-made soya bean at RM4.90. Quite a reasonable price eh? It'd delicious.

Oh, and I went to the computer shop and played around with Ipad 2. If I had the money, I would get one. No wonder so many people wanted it. It's light and easy to be carried around.

Later in the evening, I had Indian food with Elaine at Sri Ananda (opposite Sandy Bay Paradise Hotel)

These are what we ordered:

My three-layered tea. Diabetic induced. People, don't drink this often. It's bad for your health. Hahaha!!!

Briyani rice, mutton vindaloo, kadai chicken and masala naan (not in the picture)

Total cost of the dinner: RM32

After dinner, we were both very full. Next time, I shall ask my family to come here for a meal. The pricing is really affordable. Not a place for everyday dining, but it's an ideal place for a good meal once in a while. :)

Tomorrow is someone special's birthday again. Happy birthday in advance! And may you get well soon!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Happy Birhday wishes. Got more wrinkles already seen.