Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An off day without movie marathon

The week passed by so quickly that it was another off day for me again. Remember the previous off day I went movie marathon? Oh well, I didn't go for a movie marathon yesterday because I was bankrupt. Erm, more to save money for a better cause actually. :)

So I had a mission to go to Prangin to make a purchase of a new drama in the market. The initial plan was to eat chicken rice near my place but the stall was not opened. So I went straight to the mall and had my lunch there.

The char koay teow stall at Prangin Food Court also sells chicken chop rice at RM4.50 with a free fried ice-cream. He guaranteed the chicken chop rice to be delicious but I was really surprised. Not in a good way.

I think it is a bit of a rip-off because there is nothing else but chicken and rice. I thought chicken chop rice should at least have some cucumber slices at the side. But the fried ice-cream is good so no further complaints.

For dinner, I bought a dumpling from the food court and the lady asked whether I wanted to open it or not? I thought, "Sure, why not? It will definitely be easier for me to eat if I do not have to open it myself."

This is how it was packed. First time seeing someone takes a dumpling home like this? Hehehe!

Not only she helped me opened the wrapping of the dumpling, she also cut it for me and 'seasoned' it with chili sauce. Yum yum! I have never eaten dumpling in such a pampered way.

So what was the drama that I bought? You see, I plan to only buy one set of drama but I ended up buying two. Drama addicts like me are too lazy to go for another round of bus trip to purchase another drama.

The Other Truth and Man with No Shadow.

I am currently looking forward to next month. We are going to have family reunion again. You will appreciate your family more if you are working outstation and reunion like this does not come frequent. :)

On a special note:

Happy birthday, Uncle Ho!!!!! Have a blessed birthday this year. :)

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