Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday blues

The weather is still as warm. I am going to get heat stroke soon. Can't wait to watch the 2-hour finale of The Biggest Loser Asia. How will David, Carlo, Aaron and Martha look like? I wonder if they could resist the food temptations back in their hometown. Let's wait and see.

All individual assignments have been completed except for the table of contents and the cover pages are not filled up. It's now time to kill the group ones. Life's tough. Gotta go to college at noon for some meeting and I need time to breathe. Mr. Harry is giving us a test today and we are supposed to show our points for Marketing assignment too. The grammar in the assignment question is so broken that I can hardly understand what I am supposed to find. One key point to people who set questions: Go and learn up proper grammar before attempting to set questions. Not everyone can understand your questions if your grammar is poor.

I'll stop ranting for now and leave some for another day.

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Joanna said...

Hope your test went well :) ... We need to really reschedule our meet up. Bad bad bad bad bad me ! :( but hey ...Alice in Wonderland's out oredi ..... :p