Saturday, March 20, 2010

First time in Jusco after so long

Finally got to meet up with Jo after two times of postponing our plan to watch movie together. Let's meet again before you leave for UK.

Alice in Wonderland is one movie that makes me want to watch it for the second time. Mom, quickly watch with me and remember to pay attention to Um. Haha! You will know what/who Um is when you watch the movie. Johnny Depp has got his usual unusual character like most of his films directed by Tim Burton as The Mad Hatter. He played the part real well. I can almost imagined him playing out this role even before watching Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and another two outstanding characters that remind me of Humpty Dumpty are Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Mom said I am in love with them. Yes, I am. Haha. See how funny they are fighting all the time even in front of the queen. That is what makes them amusing!

Ate Nissin Noodle for lunch. It's my all-time favourite. Thank you for the wonderful lunch, Joanna. Today's outing was much fun!

The AF season is back! Looking forward to their first concert although I don't know who they are. Last week, I watched the Tirai and Ain performed well in my opinion but she got mixed remarks. Sometimes I think the judges are not 100% correct. What is bad for their ears might be good and pleasant for the ears of another. No wonder singing is a form of art. It is subjective. Just like how I think Demi Lovato doesn't have a good singing technique and all her fans think she is perfect. I guess no one is a bad judge.

It's late and I should sleep now.

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dr1/6 said...

oh fi! johnny depp :( there's no english version of that movie here.


ipoh oh ipoh.