Monday, February 22, 2010

Bitter sweet

Have once again gotten lazy to blog. The weather is so freaking warm. Okay, quite a good excuse. Blame the weather for making me feeling lazy. Haha!!

Currently back to assignment/facebook mode (yes, I do my assignment and play facebook simultaneously) and I will spend even less time here. I keep on pressing Ctrl+S after a few words that I typed now when I don't need to since they have the autosave function here. This is what assignments made you do. They have mysteriously caused my subconscious mind to press Ctrl+S after typing. You know, I have this phobia of losing assignments if I don't save them instantly. I hope this is not some psychology problem.

I am in the process to see my word count increase from a 3-digit figure to a 4-digit one. Yes, I am reaching that. 91 more words to reach 1k!! Great, after that I have to stress further about the remaining 3k. And I have another 4 more assignments to think of. Lord, I cast all my burdens unto You. It feels good to depend on Him when in doubt. There's no doubt about it.

Oh yeah, mom bought me some dark chocolates for my birthday. I don't mind calories from chocolates. Chocolate temptation is impossible to be ignored. ;-)

The packaging is so nice!

24 pieces for 24 days!

Oh, the foreign name makes it look even classier. Made in Belgium. Yumz!

Who wanna try? Oops, sorry. Not available for sampling. ;-P

2 wrote a note:

mike said...

everybody wants a good cote d or. =) it's nice.

Fiona said...

hey mike. how's life back in kl?