Friday, July 27, 2007

who stole my very dim limelight??

Meet my drop-dead gorgeous friend, duyun.

*I know I am pretty so stop staring at me!!*

*Does this expression make me look cuter?*

*I think this is the best. I can see all of you out there nodding your head, agreeing with me. LOL....*

Okay, Pui Yun. Stop stealing the limelight from me. You better reward me something for being so terribly kind. This is the only time I will put up pictures of you other than myself. I never edited your photos because I don't need to. *duyun's cheeks are flushing red at this point, I hope*

So anyone wants to know her better? Take her to be only your acquaintance as she is TAKEN. Hehe. :P

1 wrote a note:

mike said...


i almost die already.

thank you fi. well, this marks a change for my blog. =)

thanks. =) i love love love you. heheh.


p/s: don't worry. i MIGHT BE gay. haha.