Friday, April 28, 2006

count your blessings..

I just came back from Japan! No, I am just kidding. Haha.

Well, how I wish I could fly to Japan just to admire the beauty of Mother Nature. I want to see the beautiful and breath-taking scenery of cherry blossoms. I've seen enough of sunflowers, hibiscus and bougainvillaea. In fact, I see them most of the days in my life.

Sometimes, I feel like I am an ungrateful child. I have everything that I've ever needed and yet that everything doesn't seem to be enough. Then, when I begin to realise how fortunate I am to have a roof above my head, shielding me from rain and shine, I think about people who can't even afford to have a place they can call home.

It's then only I noticed that I am more fortunate than the majority of the people of the world. I am really a fool to think of something like this. I have enough to eat and sometimes more than I could afford to finish. Food comes in handy. But for those who barely have enough to eat for the day, or worse, couldn't eat proper food at all and the only source of nutrients comes from the dirt and grass, don't they deserve the right to complain more than I do?

Therefore, always count our blessings. We may think we deserve a better life than it is, but by learning to count every single blessing God has poured out so abundantly for us will definitely change us to be a more cheerful and wholesome person. Taking all the best things we have for granted is not the way it should be. The attitude to appreciate is very, very important.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes, the things you blog about makes me absolutely speechless. like this post. you're right. people don't appreciate. i'm one of them people. nonetheless, i'm learning.

Anonymous said...

basic human nature. just like being in denial.

duyun's right. we live and learn.