Thursday, February 02, 2006

some things..

Time is passing too fast. It's already the fifth day of Chinese New Year. My red packet collection is not that great as I haven't been going visiting much. Saffy is getting on my nerves now. This morning she shitted at mostly every corner of the carpark and I had to wash it. The most interesting part? I chased her across the carpark just to bathe her.I mean is there such species of the DOGS which hates water? She's the first one I've ever known. Maybe she's not a dog after all. She might be some kind of weird creature that looks like a dog.

I've gotten in touch again with my long lost internet friend. Got her number and her new email address. How thoughtful of her to wish me on my birthday. I never thought she'd remember, and she DID!! Will be contacting her more often now that she's staying in KL. I feel a wee bit of guilty because I don't remember her age when she's remembering mine.

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