Friday, February 10, 2006

love's in the air but not in the air around me..

Watched Big Momma's House 2 with Evelyn just now and I think it was a pretty good show. It's about an FBI agent who impersonated as a nanny to track down a case. Then, we went to SHADES and saw Siew Wei there. And I am still rotting at home. Not exactly rotting because at least i get to cook to shake off those moss around me.:)

Valentine's Day is approaching but I don't feel anything great about it. It's just a one-day thing where girls are happier than most of the other 364 days because they'll be receiving treats and surprises from their special ones. But it's the other way round for the guys. This will be the day they will cut a hole in their pockets just to buy expensive chocolates, flowers that wither before you know it and pre-booking restaurants months ahead for that special day. Is it all worth it? I am not splashing cold water but it's the fact, that's what I think. So, to those who are coupling (if there is such a word), please don't take what I am saying so seriously coz it's merely an opinion from me.

The 15th day of the first month of the lunar year is fast approaching. My mom had asked me to write my h/p number, home address and also email address on an orange before throwing it into the river. She said that this will ensure me to get a good boyfriend. Well, I don't believe her and I told her I will throw it into the drain. Why? Coz it's nearer to my house and the river is quite a distance away. There's a big one at the junction towards my house. I can throw it there and no one will bother to pick it up because of the stench. I've never known anybody who finds their true love that way. Maybe in the olden days the Chinese do that, but no longer. To me, it's a form of water pollution.;)

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Anonymous said...

hey, i was just kidding and you really wrote everything in your blog what i have said to you.. huh..haha. anyway have a nice day on chap goh meh.