Wednesday, February 22, 2006

bored. bored. bored!!!

I almost fell asleep watching Oliver Twist when I shouldn't. Went to Jusco again today and I saw my dream phone. There's another phone which model I don't know of (it just arrived yesterday) attracted me. It's a twist phone. I'm not sure how much it costs, I only know it's about RM1600 and above.

My life is so boring now that all I talk about every day is about my trip to Jusco, phoney phones and tv programmes that I watch. I've given up in watching Green Rose. Actually, I never takes up the patience to watch the slow-moving show.

Mom will be cooking spaghetti. I am so happy and all excited to eat spaghetti. I am already hungry at the thought of it.

I heard an utterly bad news. SPM result will be out on 13 March 2006. Some said on the 10th but it won't be making a big difference. Hope I won't have a heart failure on that day...

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Anonymous said...

i heard that news too. i can't see why you're worried. you did pretty well for the trials no? plus it's a fact you'd end up doing better in spm compared to the trials. i'm the one who should be worried. and i am. every bloody minute, this constant nagging feeling that i'm gonna really really screw up this time.

Anonymous said...

you never know sarah..i screwed my history paper..