Monday, December 26, 2005


there goes another is over..the celebration at church was great with the complete decoration of christmas tree, snowflakes, year's approaching and no plans just yet..maybe i'll go to sarah's party..

the other day i went to watch king kong with joanna and kimberly..the movie was not it was a 3-hour show, i can't really remember the details of the story well now..anyway, there was this kid who kept on kicking my seat..another moment, she put her head i between jo's seat and mine, making a gurgling was a bit distracting though but i could understand that maybe she became restless after such a long time staying put without being able to move around..the best scene of the show? well, i like it when king kong ran on the street with all the toy cars moving about..the graphic's real the way, narnia's still good..can't wait for the next episode to be out..prince caspian..

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Anonymous said...

i remember when there was a kid who kept kicking my chair and i turned to the back and glared at him. he was so scared and didn't dare do it again, ever. ahahahahaha