Thursday, February 02, 2012

It's a wrap of the Dragon Year celebration!

My CNY had been a busy one and believe it or not, I brought my laptop back to hometown for nothing because I never did turn it on once! That was how busy I was. I only got myself updated via mobile. Now that I thought about it, I threw the chance away to download more movies.

Anyway, I had great appetite during the festive season (I always do when it comes to delicious food!) and gained almost 3kg in 8 days.

Check out some of the food I had.

I had this for two days in a row at Chop House near my house. I think I can eat this every day.

Three out of four dishes that we had on 30 Jan for dinner. Can you guess which is my least favourite dish? I gained weight but that did not mean I ate everything from the table. :P

There was one day that we went to Jusco for some book-shopping with the RM200 voucher that I acquired from college and we had lunch at Ding Hao.

Kam Heong Chicken Rice. Yummy! The lemon grass was bitter though. Never ever bite them on accident.

A random picture of a balcony with some pots of plants precariously placed on the railing. They were trying to kill somebody.

What if, just what if you were just standing underneath one of those pots when the earth decided to shake a little bit? *shudders*

There is a new pup in the neighbourhood! He is the first puppy for the new year and see how cute he is!

Say hello to Nicky! Snooze time!

Chow time!

Fun time!

Here is a video of how long he took to eat a treat.

Almost 9 minutes to finish it!

Took the Elles to Dr Gilbert on my last day in Ipoh and Elly was especially fierce. No idea why.

A picture of Elly while on the way back from the vet.

Came back to work on yesterday and got the best birthday gift ever. I will work hard! Thank you Lord for the chance to learn something new!

Last but not least, my birthday cake for this year. Glutinuous rice cake. It's definitely a sweet, sweet birthday. :)

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